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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Surat – Complete Guide by Dr Surbhi Patki


Are you regretting getting a tattoo? Do you want to remove it? Laser tattoo removal treatment is the most effective and safe method to get rid of unwanted tattoos. In this blog post, we will answer all your questions about laser tattoo removal treatment in Surat.

How many sessions are required for complete tattoo removal?

The number of sessions required for complete tattoo removal depends on various factors such as the size, color, and complexity of the tattoo. On average, it takes 6-8 sessions to remove a tattoo completely. However, some tattoos may require more sessions.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Laser tattoo removal treatment is a minimally invasive procedure and is generally not painful. However, some people may experience mild discomfort during the procedure. Your doctor may apply a numbing cream or use a cooling device to minimize discomfort.

Are there any side effects of laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal treatment is a safe procedure with minimal side effects. Some people may experience redness, swelling, or blistering in the treated area. These side effects are temporary and usually subside within a few days.

Can all types of tattoos be removed with laser therapy?

Laser tattoo removal treatment is effective for most types of tattoos. However, some tattoos may be difficult to remove completely. Tattoos with dark ink such as black or blue are easier to remove than tattoos with lighter colors such as green or yellow.


Laser tattoo removal treatment is a safe and effective method to remove unwanted tattoos. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal treatment in Surat, consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetologist like Dr Surbhi Patki to learn more about the procedure

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